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polished concrete maintenance

Implementation of a proper maintenance program will keep your concrete floor pristine and new. An effective maintenance program includes routine scrubbing with stiff bristle brushes, ample down pressure, and proper amounts of water and cleaner paired with regular inspection and maintenance.


This will enhance your floor’s performance significantly.


We offer a complete range of performance-enhancing cleaners specifically designed to clean your densified or densified-polished concrete floor.


Regular use of cleaners helps decrease the visibility of minor scratches and blemishes, helping to maintain a beautiful sheen on your concrete. We recommend a minimum routine cleaning 2 - 3 times per week for superior results. If you decide to use other cleaners, they should be non-acidic and void of hydroxides and sulphates. 

Clean Spills QUICKLY: After densification is complete, concrete will resist contamination and moisture penetration of most liquids. You should remove corrosive or aggressively staining contaminants quickly to avoid possible staining. ​

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